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Each one of us has a passion for sharing music and bringing joy to people through playing music that makes people dance. We feel that music is one of the most important elements of every wedding. GirlOnWax Wedding DJs care so much about filling the biggest day of your life with amazing music.


Face-to-face Consultations

GirlOnWax Wedding DJs like to meet each couple for at least 1, hour-long music & logistics meeting. We like to get to know our couples on a personal level.


Cater the music to each couple

We take the time to talk in-depth about each and every portion of the day…from Pre-Ceremony to Ceremony Music, Cocktail Hour to Dinner Music to DANCING and every moment in-between. GirlOnWax Wedding DJs make a brand new music playlist for each couple.


Music = atmosphere

The music at your wedding creates the mood; therefore we pay close attention to each portion of your big day. Whether it's an exquisitely romantic setting or fun loving and loud, we will play the perfect music to set the tone.


Provide excellent communication between the Wedding Couple and DJ

GirlOnWax DJs perform extensive research into the music likes and dislikes of each couple. The music you love is just as important as the genres and artists you dislike! We make sure to make note of your favourites and your 'no-play' lists in our consultations.


Fill in the 'musical' blanks

Once you have filled out our GirlOnWax Wedding Music Profile, we ask that you choose 10-15 of your favourite Love Songs to play during dinner or a slow-dance period, and provide us with 10 -15 of your favourite songs to DANCE to. The GirlOnWax Wedding DJs then work our magic and use our years of experience to fill in the blanks to play the BEST songs within your music guidelines.


Read the crowd

Its all about the demographics. We play music according to who's on the dancefloor…Is the crowd loving Motown? Are they all about Classic Rock? Are they going crazy over Club Hits? We pay close attention to guests on the dancefloor to keep it moving!


Take REQUESTS within the couple's music guidelines

We won't play a song that's inappropriate…There's nothing worse for a DJ than clearing the dancefloor with the wrong song, so we are very careful to play the right song, at the right time. We will always try our best!


Use the latest DJ Equipment and Sound-Systems

GirlOnWax DJs use the latest DJ Equipment with attractive-to-the-eye Sound-Systems (speakers) in white or black covers, with over 1000+ watts of sound! Clean, crisp and clear. GOW DJs have thousands of songs at our fingertips – we use laptops to store and play our music from. Makes taking requests fast and easy.


Have years of EXPERIENCE

GirlOnWax Wedding DJs have been performing to thousands of dancing feet for many years! Practice has built and improved our DJ skills. We have an arsenal of songs from all genres, for all ages that ROCK a wedding dancefloor.


Go over & above our duties as Wedding DJs

If the MC needs some encouraging, grandma needs help to her table, or the lights need to be dimmed, we will be that extra hand on your big day helping to make it a beautifully smooth day!


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