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DJ Emilita

DJ Emilita is one of Vancouver’s best female DJs, consistently performing for high-profile gala corporate events, weddings, art, music, retail, fashion, lounge & private yacht events, to rave reviews from our best clients!

She creates amazing music-playlists specifically for each client, all depending on the musical vision of the event or wedding. Her personality is personable and outgoing, she’s extremely professional and knows how to rock a dancefloor.

An extremely diverse DJ who plays for the crowd at-hand, GirlOnWax DJ Emilita is happy to play the music our clients or couples request for your event or wedding. Her forte is reading the crowd; with a passion for rocking the hottest tracks out there; or playing a great set of fun retro or lounge music.

Genres she spins: Top 40, Lounge, Oldies, Motown, Rock, Indie, Electropop, Trap, Hip Hop, Soul, Electro Swing, House, EDM, Jazz, Retro…EVERYTHING! All depends on the client.

DJ Emilita loves DJing in her own words: “Music can really bring people together. I love that I have the ability to design the mood and atmosphere of an event, simply through my musical selection! It's energizing, and my DJ experiences have always left me uplifted and pumped to be out there playing again… and meeting more great people through music! “